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Table of LNG Projects in Northwest BC

*last updated September 2019

The following table provides details on proposed Liquefied Natural Gas projects in Northwest British Columbia. We will update this table as new information becomes available. Download a PDF of the table (36 KB)

Project Name LNG Status LNG Partners Location Capacity (bcf/day) In-Service Date Peak Power Requirements LNG Tankers Pipeline Name Pipeline Proponent(s) Pipeline Details Pipeline Status Gas Source
Douglas Channel LNG EA not required. Export license: approved by NEB Feb/2012 for 1.8 MTA (0.2 bcf/d). March 2016: Project “shelved” by AltaGas. AltaGas Ltd. | Idemitsu Kosan Co. | EDF Trading Ltd. | EXMAR NV Kitimat barge facility 0.09 - 0.11 ? (originally planned for 2015) TBA Small: 12-15; Large: 6-7 Pacific Northern Gas existing pipeline + PNG Looping Project (twinning of existing line). Pacific Northern Gas Existing - 10" diameter, 0.115 bcf/d, Summit Lake to Kitimat. Looping Project: 24" diameter, 0.6 bcf/d, 425 km Existing pipeline: EA not required. Looping Project: Pre-application under BC EA.
Kitimat LNG BC EA Certificate issued Jun/06, extended May/11. BCEAO states project "substantially started" Sept/15. Export license: approved by NEB Oct/11 for 10 MTA (1.3 bcf/d). Apr/19 Applies to NEB to expand. Aug/19 expansion proposal to undergo BC EA. Chevron/Woodside Petroleum *Apache exited July/2014, Woodside joined Dec/2014* Bish Cove, Kitimat 0.6 - 1.3 ? TBA Small: 80-172; Large: 40-86 Pacific Trails Pipeline Chevron and Apache 42” diameter, 462 km, 1.0 Bcf/d, Summit Lake to Kitimat via Morice R. BC EA Certificate issued June/2008. EAO extended Certificate June/2013. Mandatory construction start by June/2018. Chevron/ **Apache exited proposal July/2014**
Prince Rupert LNG EA: Pre-application May/2014. Application Information Requirements approved Aug/2014. Export license: approved by NEB Dec/2013 for 21 MTA (2.7 bcf/d). Apr/2015, Shell purchases project from BG Group. Mar/2017, Shell ends development of project. Shell/Spectra Energy (50/50) Ridley Island, Prince Rupert 1.8 - 2.7 ? Approximately 600 MW Small: 239-358; Large: 119-179 Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project Spectra/Shell (50/50) 36"- 48" diameter, 4.2 bcf/d, 870 km, Up to 2 pipelines. Cypress to Ridley Island via Babine and Nass Valleys EA: approved by BC EA Nov/2014.
LNG Canada Gas EA: Approved with conditions under joint BC EA/CEAA process June/2015. Export license: approved by NEB Feb/2013 for 24 MTA (3.1 bcf/d). July/16: FID delayed in-definitely. Oct 2/18: Final Investment Decision made. Shell/Petronas/PetroChina/Mitsubishi/Kogas Kitimat 1.5 - 3.1 2025 Approximately 1200 MW Small: 225 - 425; Large: 112 - 213 Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd. TransCanada 48" Diameter, 1.7 - 5.0 bcf/d, 650 km, Dawson Creek to Kitimat. Parallels most of PTP corridor except west of Burnie River. EA: BC EA Certificate issued Oct/2014. Legal case arguing for a federal review launched Aug/2018.
Pacific Northwest LNG EA: Approved by BC EA Nov/2014 Export license: approved by NEB Dec/2013 for 22 MTA (2.8 bcf/d); CEAA: Sept./16, approved; FID: May/17, to be made ‘when the time is right'. July/17 project cancelled. Pacific Northwest LNG Limited Partnership comprised of: Petronas/Japex/Petroleum Brunei/Indian Oil Corp/Sinopec (62/10/3/10/15) Lelu Island, Port Edward 1.5 - 2.3 ? Approximately 700 MW Small: 199 - 305; Large: 99 - 152 Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project TransCanada 48" diameter, 2-3.6 bcf/d, up to 900 km, Hudson's Hope to Lelu Island. Proceeding with South Central Alternative route. EA: approved by BC EA Nov/2014. Application for extension to EA certificate submitted Dec/2018. Progress' holdings in North Montney plus other
Triton LNG LP Proposed. Export license: approved by NEB May/2014 for 2.3 MTA (0.3 bcf/d). May/16 – Idemitsu stops work on project. AltaGas Ltd/Idemitsu Kosan Kitimat or Prince Rupert barge facility 0.3 ? TBA Small: 40; Large: 20 PNG Looping Project (twinning of existing line) Pacific Northern Gas 24" diameter, 0.6 Bcf/d, 525 km, Summit Lake to Kitimat. EA: Pre-application under BC EA. Public comment period on draft AIR closed Jan/2014. AIR approved Mar/2014, Application not yet submitted. PNG calls for expressions of interest for capacity on pipeline Oct/2018.
WCC LNG Ltd. EA: Pre-application under BC EA Jan/2015. Export license: approved by NEB Dec/2013 for 30 MTA (3.8 bcf/d). Project cancelled Dec/2018. Imperial Oil/Exxon Mobil Lot 444 north of City of Prince Rupert along Tuck Inlet Up to 3.8 2024 TBA Small: 504; Large: 252 TBA
Aurora LNG EA: Federal EA substituted for BC EA. Public comment period ended Mar/17. EA put on hold, Mar 22/17. EA resumed June/17.Export license approved by NEB May/2014 for 12 MTA (1.5 bcf/d). Project cancelled Sept/17. Nexen (CNOOC)/INPEX/JGC Corporation Digby Island 1.5 - 3.1 ? TBA Small: 225-425; Large: 112-213 TBA
Grassy Point LNG Gained rights to sign long-term tenure with Province of BC Jan/2014. Submitted Project Description to EAO in Aug/2014. Export License: approved by NEB Feb/2015. Mar/2018 project cancelled. Woodside Energy Holdings (Australia) Grassy Point and/or Tuck Inlet Up to 2.5 ? TBA TBA TBA
TBA Responded to B.C. Gov's EOI April/2013. SK E&S (Korea) Grassy Point TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
Kitsault Energy Export license: approved by NEB Jan/2016 for 20 MTA (2.6 bcf/d) TBA Kitsault 2.6 ? TBA Small: 337; Large: 169 TBA
Stewart Energy LNG Proposed. Export license: application submitted Mar/2014 for 30 MTA (3.8 bcf/d). Export license granted by NEB January 12, 2016 for 25 Tcf of gas over 25 years, in tanker cargoes to be loaded at a rate of up to 4.6 Bcf/d. Canada Stewart Energy Group Ltd. Stewart 0.64 initially ? Approx. 250 MW Small: 84; Large: 42 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
Cedar LNG Export 1, 2, and 3 Export license applications submitted to NEB Aug/2014 for 2.9 - 5.8 MTA (0.38 - 0.78 bcf/d). Dec/14, applications deemed incomplete. Cedar 1 re-applies and receives export approval (Nov/2015). Cedar 1 ordered to undergo EA (Sept/2019).t Haisla First Nation Barge/vessel based liquefaction appx. 0.38 - 0.78 2025 Small: 80 Large: 40 Coastal Gaslink
Orca LNG Export license approved by NEB July/2015 for 10 MTA Orca LNG Ltd. Prince Rupert area barge facility 1.34 TBA Small: 178 Large: 89
TBA Submitted export license application to NEB Feb/2015 for 12 MTA. (1.5 bcf/d). NewTimes Energy Ltd Prince Rupert area 1.5 ? TBA Small: 198; Large: 99 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA