Northwest Institute

Working towards social and ecological sustainability in Northwest British Columbia since 1996

Earlier Reports


  • Technical Analysis of Proposed Tulsequah Chief Mine, November 1997
  • An Evaluation of Wildlife Research Related to the Proposed Tulsequah Chief Mine, October 1997
  • Preliminary Avalanche Assessment of the Proposed Tulsequah Road, October 1997 Telkwa Coal Project Analysis, May 1999
  • Ecological Description and Classification of Highly Productive Pine Mushroom Sites in Northwestern British Columbia, January 1999
  • Pine Mushrooms and Timber Production in the Cranberry Timber Supply Area, February 1999
  • Studies of the Pine Mushroom in the Skeena -Bulkley Region, June 1999 Status of Salmon Spawning Stocks of the Skeena River System, June 2000
  • Community Futures and Choices in the Bulkley Valley, January 2001
  • Roads and the Industrialization of Northern British Columbia, May 2003